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Turbo Century

This page mainly address the car model that featured the Buick Turbo V6. For a more complete listing of power ratings and mechanical changes made to the Turbo V6 engine each year, please see the "Evolution of the Buick Turbo V6" page. For a semi-complete production figures listing, see the "Turbo V6 Production Figures" page.

1979 Century and Turbo Coupe
"For those who appreciate a certain liveliness, as well as a distinctive look to their automobile."

Joe Zamiska's 1979 Century Turbo Coupe. Good view of the fastback design and rear spoiler/graphics.
Note: Aftermarket wheels
Click here for more pictures of Joe's 79 Century Turbo Coupe

The Century line was a little late in receiving the Turbo V6. A year after it's introduction the Buick Turbo V6 found it's way to the Regal's sibling. The Century shares the same platform (A-body) as the Regal. But unlike the Regal or LeSabre, the Turbo V6 wasn't confined to one particular model. The Turbo V6 was available in any Century model expect the Wagons. It is a common misconception (one that I made for years) that the Turbo V6 was only available in the special Turbo Coupe model. However, Buick brochures list the engine as available for all coupes and sedans weather Specials, Customs or Limiteds. The Century sedan is the only Buick with four-doors to feature the Turbo V6. Unfortunately, the public wasn't too favorable to the Buick's aerodynamic fastback body design.

The aerodynamic Century Sport Coupe package wasn't new either, but in 1979, Buick also introduced it to the Turbo V6. The Century Turbo Coupe option was a step beyond the Sport Coupe and it's standard 3.2 litre V6:

Century Sport Coupe Package (Model G87): Black painted grille, headlamp trim, windshield wipers, window reveal moldings, door lock pillar appliqué, wide rocker treatment and deck lid trim, Hawk decal, rallye ride-and-handling suspension, fast-ratio power steering, sport mirrors, rear spoiler, steel-belted, radial-ply P205/70R-14 tires and Designers' Sport wheels. (A similar Century Sport Wagon was available also.)*

Turbo Coupe Package (RPO W13 - available on Century Sport Coupe): 3.8 litre 4-bbl, Turbocharged V-6, power brakes, automatic transmission, Sport steering wheel, temperature and vacuum boost lights, special dual exhaust system, Turbine wheels and "Turbo Coupe" identification on the deck lid. A special hood ornament and bulged hood, like the Regal Sport Coupe's, was also added.* Note: The Turbo Coupe is not a separate model, but an optional package on the Sport Coupe model.

* 1979 Buick Sales Brochure.
"Battle of the Century" by C.J. Baker, Hot Rod; July/August 1979.

1980 Century and Turbo Coupe
"This turbocharged powerplant is a docile, unassuming V-6, until you call on it to deliver extra power."

Little changed for 1980. The Turbo V6 was still available in any Coupe or Sedan. The Special and Custom names were dropped, but the Sport and Turbo Coupe packages did remained the same. The Century line did receive a minor "face-lift", however. The grille, headlight and header panel assembly changed. The headlights bezels were now separate from the grille. The sedan (four-door) models now had a more "normal" notchback roof design and out-sold the coupe by far (129,740 vs. 1,074**). For 1981, the Century Coupe was dropped altogether leaving only the sedan and the next year, 1982, the Century was completely redesigned and went FWD.

**Standard Catalog of Buick 1903-1990; Krause Publications.

1980 Buick Sales Brochure.

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