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If you know of a site that should be included here, please leave a message on the Message Board. Also, please report any dead links. Thanks!  (Also, it would be difficult for me to include every site about Turbo Regals or Buicks in general, so I am trying to keep this page "Before Black" specific.  I hope you understand. if I don't include your site.  Sorry!)

Highly Recommended Websites for BEFORE BLACK Owners


Look for the BEFORE BLACK forums in the tech sections.  Anything pertaining to this site is welcome to be discussed! These message boards are an excellent source for technical information for the Buick V6.  All three are great, but the TurboBuickS.com (first one, on the left!) website is the most widely used by 'Before Black' enthusiasts and is the home of the 1982 Grand National Registry.

The Turbo Regal Web Site - This is The Place to go for 1984-87 Turbo Regals. Lots of excellent information for pre-84 owners also. Check through all the technical pages, including the suspension and body sections. The mailing list can answer any questions with it's 1000+ members. Highly Recommended!


MonteCarloSS.com - An excellent site for the 1983-1988 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS. These cars share many things in common with the Regal/Century. Take some time and read the technical sections and the message boards.


Websites Featuring BEFORE BLACK Cars

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Note: Websites listed on the Before Black SiteRing will not be listed again below:

1976 Buick Century Free Spirit Pace Car - A website by Trevor Lee about his '76 Pace Car. Has several pictures of the actual pace car and replicas. 

'78 Buick Regal Sport Coupe Webpage - Scott Adcock's restored and modified 1978 Turbo Regal.  

Z's Web Server - Joe Zamiska - Joe's personal site which includes pictures of his two 1979 Century Turbo Coupes.

F301 Turbo Shrine - An informative site by Lee and Adam Rehorn. Some great information about the 1980-81 Pontiac Turbo Firebird/Trans Am.

Pontiac 301 - The Last Mahican - Jim Puehl's website dedicated to the 301 Pontiac engine, otherwise known as the 4.9 liter, the last true Pontiac V8 produced.

Freddie's Home Page -A website about Freddie Diaz's 1981 Buick Regal 3.8 NA 4-barrel and some great information about the Rochester Quadrajet.

Musclecarclub.com - Musclecarclub's write up on the Buick Turbo Regal.  Cover all years, although not 100% accurate.

Riviera Owners Association - For Rivieras of all years, including the "Turbo Years".

GM Parts/Restoration

VanDevere Oldsmobile Parts Department - If the GM parts you are looking are still available, this is the place to go. Dal Slabaugh in the parts department will sell all parts at 10% over cost and is familiar with the Turbo Buicks. Call your local dealer and compare prices. You can e-mail Dal at lockitup@bright.net. Great prices, great service, quick delivery and many items are in stock. I highly recommend getting your GM parts here.

GM Muscle Car Parts - This is one source for NOS (new, discontinued) GM parts. If you cannot find what you are looking for and it has to be new, give them a try. Just remember, the parts were expensive from GM when they were still available and they don't get cheaper once they are discontinued.

Zero to Sixty Performance Products - If the parts you are looking for are common to the '84/87 Grand National/Turbo Regal, then check with Trey Crease at Zero to Sixty. Trey specializes is used '84/87 Turbo Regal Parts. He is great to deal with and also owns a 1982 Grand National.

Jim Osborn Reproductions - Reproduction decals. Currently the have the gold/black "Turbo 3.8 Litre" for the 1978/81 air cleaner elbow. They may also make up emissions decals (and others) from your old one as a pattern.


Literature, Reference Books

Bell Experimental Group, Inc. - Corky Bell has written a comprehensive turbocharging book called "Maximum Boost".  Click on "books by Corky Bell".  It may be available at most larger book stores.

Collectible Automobiles - This magazine has feature Turbo Buicks from time to time. Check the Turbo Buick Articles page, and then order back issues.

Factory Automanuals - Factory Automanuals is owned by Dan Bower. He carries new and used Shop manuals, Parts Manuals and all kinds of other literature. Dan's service is excellent and his prices are very reasonable. Recommended if you don't want to search ebay or the swap meets.

Helm - Helm offers GM Authorized Service Publications. They carry Service, Body and Owners manuals. I highly recommend their Service manuals. (Do not waste your time and money with Haynes, Chilton and Clymer manuals!) They are expensive, so you may want to try to locate a used one. Try the literature vendors listed in Hemmings Motor News or your local swap meet.

Hemmings Motor News - Hemmings is an excellent source for classified ads, vendors and event listings. You may even find a early Turbo Buick or '82 GN for sale here.

Steve Smith Autosports - Publishers of two books that should interest some Before Black owners.  Search for "The Buick Free Spirit Power Manual" (# S123) and "Building the V6/Vega" (# S129).  Both are for sale at special rates (cheaper than back in 1982!) which may mean they will be gone soon.  Watch the shipping costs!


Air Lift 1000 - I use one of these inside the right rear coil spring to help with traction.  Easy to install.

Auto Meter - There are many quality gauges on the market. The Ultra-Lites by Auto Meter compliment the stock gauges used on the early Turbo Regals well. They have a silver face and the number scale is similar in appearance. The 30/20 Vacuum/Boost (#4301) and 0-100 psi Mechanical Oil Pressure (#4321) Gauges (2-1/16") would be excellent choices in any Turbo Buick.

Bramall - I don't know much about them, but they are the one of the few places that advertises new wastegate actuators for all Turbo Buicks.

Casper's Electronics, Inc. - Founded by John Spina, Casper's caters to the '84/87 Turbo Regal. They have an excellent reputation. Products of interest to Carb/Turbo V6 owners is their 10-LED knock gauge and Audible Knock Indicator. They will definitely work with the '83 Turbo V6's ESC and, according to John, should work with earlier cars with an ESC module.  I highly recommend the 10-LED unit as it works in real time (as opposed to scan tool with a slow refresh rate).  Look under 84/87 Turbo Buick - comes is several colors.

Right Stuff Detailing - This vendors not only carry brake lines, they also have the Turbo Oil Feed and Fuel Pump to Carb lines. Both lines take a winding path from the bottom to the top of the engine. You can try to bend them by hand, but you may want to consider buying pre-bent lines.  Not yet in catalog, call them.

HRpartsNstuff - Paul Ferry is one the best vendors around.  Check into the polyurethane motor mounts for Buick V-6. These mounts have received a lot of praise from the '84/87 TR community. They also carry many other innovative parts and are developing new stuff all the time.

JC Whitney's Budget Boost Gauge - Maybe not the highest quality, but it reads vacuum and 20 psi pressure at about half the price of similar gauges.  You must to have some type of boost gauge for your Turbo V6!

K&N Engineering - One of the first steps in almost any performance recipe is a K&N air filter. They are much less restrictive than normal paper filters. Although they cost a little more, they are reusable and easy to clean. The stock type replacement will be more cost effective than paper in the long run. Consider replacing the entire air box with a cone type filter.  I use a RE-0810 9" cone connected to the stock accordion duct via a 3" coupler.  (I found the coupler in the RV section at Wal-Mart.)

Kenne Bell (No Website) - Kenne Bell has been racing the Buick V6 long before the black GN's came along. They are one of the few Buick performance suppliers that caters to the early Turbo V6 and normally aspirated engines as well as the '84/87 Turbo Regals. Call 1-909-941-6646 and ask for a free Buick V6 catalog.  Please note that Kenne-Bell's Buick development has been stagnant and somewhat out of date.

OGS Distributing - Only Good Stuff! If you are looking for clothing featuring the Buick V6 and Grand National logos, check here. Dan McCann also owns a pair of 1982 Grand National Sport Coupe (and other Turbo Regals - see the Hurst GN page above). Hopefully soon, they will add some '82 GN specific products.  

Precision Turbo and Engine - While PTE specializes in the 84-87 Turbo Regals, they also support the earlier Turbo Buicks. Most vendors that sell rebuilt turbos for the Buick V6 are distributors for PTE. They can give you advice on upgrading your turbo for racing.

Poston Enterprises - Poston is one of the few Turbo Buick vendors that handles pre-SFI parts.  There website doesn't have much to show, but call them for a free catalog.

Steadfast Corporation - GM steering columns have always been a vulnerable spot and a main reason why Regals topped the stolen cars list during the 80's.  This collar prevents thieves from smashing the weak plastic surrounding the ignition.  Installs in ~15 minutes with common tools.


Technical Pages

1983 Buick Turbocharging Brochure - From the Old Car Manual Project.  

Understanding the Odd-fire V6 - A great page explaining the early odd-fire Buick/Jeep V6.

Duantless V6 Information - More early odd-fire information.

Gadgetseller - If your considering a air/fuel gauge, try reading this page.  Good technical information.  I use a simple digital multi-meter for real time oxygen sensor output.

Dawes Device A/F gauge - Another good write up on air/fuel gauges.

A Simple Boost Bleed - A good write about another way to adjust max boost pressure using a bleeder valve.  From the Wonderful World of Dempsey.


Miscellaneous Pages

Buick Club of America - The BCA is a great club for Buick owners. Their website has a well used message board.

Buick GSCA - Gran Sport "Club" of America. Not really a club, but they put on the GS Nationals in Bowling Green, KY. Great message board, especially for Regal V8 Swaps.

Chicagoland Chapter GSCA - A very active chapter that hosts tech sessions and the Buick Midwest Challenge in Morocco, IN.  You'll find me racing one of my Turbo Buicks at most of their events.  HIGHLY recommended if you live in the Chicago, IL area.  

Midwest Challenge Picture Page - Pictures and videos from previous Buick Midwest Challenges compiled By Devin C. Tornow.

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