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1982 Grand National Publications

The following is a list of Buick literature, magazine articles, and books I have found featuring 1982 Grand Nationals. Please keep in mind that most articles were not 100% accurate and may contain some mis-information. If you know of something I don't have listed, lease let me know!

PRESS RELEASE KITS - A dealer press release kit was available for the 82 GN. It explained the car's concept for dealers and contained some advertisements, color pictures and an order form. There was also a smaller media press kit that contained a B&W picture and two page explanation of the car.

INVITATION - There was an invitation sent to the media to come see the Grand National's introduction at the 1982 Daytona 500. A SPECIAL INVITATION.

TECHNICAL SERVICE BULLETIN - A Technical Service Bulletin, TSB 82-I-241, was issued in March, 1983 covering the 82 GN. It lists part numbers specific to the 82 GN from GM and C&C. An original TSB is printed on light green paper.

MOTOR TREND - The May 1982 issue of Motor Trend contains an article about the '82 GN in it's "Detroit Report" section. This short news release is titled "BUICK'S NASCAR REGAL." It has a black and white photograph of the 82 prototype.

HOT ROD - May 1982 has a similar news release to Motor Trend. It is in the "Down the Rod" section and contains a much smaller picture of the prototype.

COLLECTIBLE AUTOMOBILE - The September 1984 issue of Collectible Automobile contains an article about the '82 GN in it's "Future Collectible Department". The article is titled "Buick's Grand National: Racy Rarity." This is a very interesting article since in was written before the black GN's were well known . It has a large color photograph of the 82 prototype and a 84 GN.


HEMMINGS  MUSCLE MACHINES - The October 2007 issue contains an feature article about the '82 GN. The article is titled "Two Toned Turbo"  The car is owned by Dan McCann (who actually has two of these cars) and has many detailed pictures.  

BUICK, OLDS, PONTIAC COLLECTOR'S GUIDE - The June 1993 issue of BOP Collector's Guide contains an article about the '82 GN's. This four-page article is titled "Supposedly Never Built - 82 1/2 Turbo G.N.s" This article was written by Al Thompson. It is an excellent article about 82 GN's and the Turbocharged GN Sport Coupes. There are many excellent black and white photos and a small color photo on the cover.

GM HIGH-TECH PERFORMANCE - The March 1999 issue of GM High-Tech Performance contains an article that briefly mentions the '82 GN's. This article is titled "Rise To Power" This article contains only a couple of paragraphs about the 82 GN. There is black and white photo of the prototype at Cars and Concepts before it's delivery to GM. (The caption below is wrong since this car was also photographed by GM). Note the Uniroyal tires and non-blacked out center caps.

THE FACTS AND FIGURE BOOKS by STEVEN L. DOVE - These three books contain a lot of valuable reprints including the Dealer Press Release Kit and the Grand National TSB. However, some of the information is outdated and questionable! The third book (Super Facts and Figures) contains the most info about the 82 GN's.

OTHER BOOKS - There are many books about Buicks in general. They typically feature a chapter about the Turbo Regals and have a paragraph or two about the 1982 GN. Usually the picture of the prototype and some inaccurate info (100 made, no turbos, etc.)  I won't try listing them all here.

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