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The following  appeared in the June, 2001 issue of Hemmings Motor News as a page advertisement. Not much in the description is factual.  I don't know where this information came from, but it sure started some weird rumors about the '82 GN.  (Instead of scanning the ad and using up valuable space, I have re-typed it word for word.)  The asking price is not a typo!

You Can't Touch This...!

...that's what the original owner of this...

Stock V6 Turbo 1982 Grand National

said regarding the C.I.A. purchase of the other 99 cars in existence.  When the line worker that originally ordered this, learned that C.I.A and bought the others, he covered the under carriage and engine with a preservative and took it off the road.

        Preserved in showroom condition, this collector has only seen 4200 original miles of road.  It is loaded with options and has a fascinating history

        After being awarded the NASCAR manufacturer's trophy for winning 25 out of 30 races in 1982 the government forced Buick to manufacture the engine they had been winning with, and make it available to the public.  This car is one of the hundred prototype's that they made.  The word is that the C.I.A. wanted them all because they were the fastest on the market.

        This is the only one known to exist of the original 100 prototypes...and it is in showroom condition.  2,000,000 US dollars and it's your.

Call Tim 614-XXX-XXXX

 I really can't explain any of it.  The owner has had this '82 GN for a while and should have known better.  While it is the lowest mileage '82 GN I know of, the asking price is well...unexplainable  I would estimate that this car is worth somewhere in the neighborhood of 1/100 of this, or about $20,000.  I have seen pictures of the car.  It has had some "customizing" done to it.  Extra striping and emblems, but nothing that can't be undone, except for maybe the "preservative", whatever that is.  I will try to address some of what appears above.

Special thanks to Michael DiDomenico (an '82 GN/SC owner) for sending me this advertisement.

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